The week on StackExchange #40/2016

Since the last “Weeks on StackExchange” post got quite long, I’ll get back to the weekly schedule:

Hot Magento 2 answers

Open questions

The weeks on StackExchange #37-39/2016

Here we go again, a summary of interesting posts from the last weeks:

Magento 2 CLI

Magento 2 Extension Development

Magento 2 Translation

Magento Product Import

Magento 1 Best Practices

Magento 1 Tipps


The week on StackExchange #36/2016

And again some new posts from Magento StackExchange that I’d like to highlight:

Magento 2

Magento 1

The week on StackExchange #35/2016

I’m a bit late but I was quite active on the Magento StackExchange recently, so here are the best posts from last week!

Magento 1 answers


New Magento 2 questions

The weeks on StackExchange #33-34 / 2016

Short and sweet: StackExchange posts of the last two weeks.

Magento 1

Magento 2

The weeks on StackExchange #30-32 / 2016

I was active on Magento StackExchange again, here are a few interesting questions and answers from the last three weeks:

Magento 1

Magento 2

Magento Architecture

Good question for understanding “MVC” in Magento: Why does Magento need blocks?. There was a similar question once here: Where’s The V in Magento’s MVC? And is there better name?

The week weeks on StackExchange #24-29 / 2016

The weekly format did not last long, but a few posts on Magento StackExchange assembled in the last 5 weeks that might be worth some attention (and a new t-shirt):

Magento 2

Magento 1

MageStackDay #5 and the moderation discussion

17.-18.6. was the 5th (+/-1) MageStackDay, an online hackathon dedicated to the Magento StackExchange site. It was originally initiated by the community to get the answer rate up and finally get out of beta status (which had hard requirements originally, like an 80% answer rate).

To achieve that goal, we focused on “unanswered” questions with one of these actions, whatever is applicable:

  • answer
  • close
  • upvoted existing answers with 0-votes, because questions count as answered if they have either an accepted or an upvoted answer.

But since we “gradudated” out of beta recently, just working towards some numbers doesn’t seem right anymore. After all, the primary goal should be to increase quality.

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The week on StackExchange #23 / 2016

Shortly before the 5th MageStackDay, here are some questions and answers on from last week that might interest you:

Magento 2

  • Without answer yet, and probably there is no solution as of Magento 2.0: Localized frontend value for getCustomAttribute() (select or multiselect attributes) – but as I commented: I’m going to continue to ask these questions when I’m hitting walls, and if it’s just to highlight, where the API is incomplete, especially when it’s about the catalog
  • Marius asked a good question on Unit testing source models. Besides my answer on this concrete case, the elaboration by Vinai on “Should I test X?” or “How should I test X?” is a valuable advice for everybody.

Magento 1

The week on StackExchange #22 / 2016

I’m back with fresh Magento content (and hit 1000 answers on with this unspectacular FGITW answer)

Magento 2

Magento 1

Meta Discussion

For those interested, there’s an ongoing discussion on “off topic / on topic” and how to handle closing questions on Magento.SE: