A selection of talks where I was (or will be) involved:


  • [EN] Experiences With Hyvä Projects Hyvä Release Party, online (HTML, Videowith Ina van der Biesen
  • [EN] Introducing the new React.js checkout for Hyvä Reacticon v4, online (HTMLwith Rajeev K Tomy


  • [EN] Transforming a PHP Team into PWA superheroes code.talks commerce, Berlin (HTML, PDF)
  • [EN] 9 Common Misconceptions about TDD MageTestFest, Florence (HTML, PDF)


  • [EN] Dealing with Testing Fatigue Meet Magento PL, Krakow (HTML, PDF, Video) – a slightly updated version of the 2017 MageTestFest talk, cut down to 30 minutes
  • [EN] Satisfying the Need for Mobile Speed: Building the Ultimate PWA experience, enterJS, Darmstadt, with Jamie Maria Schouren


  • [EN] Dealing with Testing Fatigue MageTestFest, Amersfoort (PDF, HTML)
  • [EN] Magento Test Automation – My Journey, Mage Titans MCR 2017, Manchester (HTML, Video)
  • [EN] Help! I accidentally built a microservice – Meet Magento BE, Bruxelles (HTML)
  • [EN] Magento Test Automation – My Journey, Meet Magento DE 2017 (HTML, PDF)
  • [EN] Porting a complex extension to Magento 2, MagentoLive France (PDF, Video).After Opatija (Croatia), Leipzig (Germany), Cluj(Romania) and Manchester (UK), Paris was the last station of my “Porting a complex extension” tour for now, finally at an official Magento conference!
  • [EN] Keep Magento Out of Your Magento Extensions, Nomad Mage (buy video)


  • [EN] Porting a complex extension to Magento 2, Mage Titans MCR 2016 (PDF, HTML, Video)
  • [EN] Porting a complex extension to Magento 2 (45 min. version), Meet Magento RO 2016 (PDF, HTML)
  • [DE] Von zweien, die auszogen, eine Extension zu portieren, Meet Magento DE 2016 with Andreas von Studnitz (HTML, Video)
  • [DE] IDE Friendly Code, Meet Magento DE 2016 Barcamp & Magento Meetup Aachen (HTML)


  • [DE] Pragmatisches Unit Testing, Meet Magento DE 2015 (PDF, Video)
  • [DE] Übersetzungen in Magento, core/translate und seine Tücken, Magento Meetup Aachen (PDF)


  • [DE] Herausforderungen bei Konzeption und Test von Magento-Modulen, Meet Magento DE 2013 with Dr. Nikolai Krambrock (PDF)


  • [DE] Unit Tests für Magento – eine praktische Einführung, Magento Meetup Aachen (PDF)

More slides on my Speakerdeck profile.