Hello, my name is Fabian Schmengler!

I offer my services in Magento development and Magento training.

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A selection of talks where I was (or will be) involved:


  • [EN] Dealing with Testing Fatigue MageTestFest, Amersfoort (PDF, HTML)
  • [EN] Magento Test Automation – My Journey, Mage Titans MCR 2017, Manchester (HTML, Video)
  • [EN] Help! I accidentally built a microservice – Meet Magento BE, Bruxelles (HTML)
  • [EN] Magento Test Automation – My Journey, Meet Magento DE 2017 (HTML, PDF)
  • [EN] Porting a complex extension to Magento 2, MagentoLive France (PDF, Video).

    After Opatija (Croatia), Leipzig (Germany), Cluj(Romania) and Manchester (UK), Paris was the last station of my “Porting a complex extension” tour for now, finally at an official Magento conference!

  • [EN] Keep Magento Out of Your Magento Extensions, Nomad Mage (buy video)


  • [EN] Porting a complex extension to Magento 2, Mage Titans MCR 2016 (PDF, HTML, Video)
  • [EN] Porting a complex extension to Magento 2 (45 min. version), Meet Magento RO 2016 (PDF, HTML)
  • [DE] Von zweien, die auszogen, eine Extension zu portieren, Meet Magento DE 2016 with Andreas von Studnitz (HTML, Video)
  • [DE] IDE Friendly Code, Meet Magento DE 2016 Barcamp & Magento Meetup Aachen (HTML)


  • [DE] Pragmatisches Unit Testing, Meet Magento DE 2015 (PDF, Video)
  • [DE] Übersetzungen in Magento, core/translate und seine Tücken, Magento Meetup Aachen (PDF)


  • [DE] Herausforderungen bei Konzeption und Test von Magento-Modulen, Meet Magento DE 2013 with Dr. Nikolai Krambrock (PDF)


  • [DE] Unit Tests für Magento – eine praktische Einführung, Magento Meetup Aachen (PDF)

More slides on my Speakerdeck profile.


My Opinion on XML Based Testing in Magento

Magento architect Anton Kril asked about opinions on XML based tests: #magento twitter, what are your thoughts about writing tests in XML? — Anton Kril (@AntonKril) 20. Juni 2017 My answer does not fit into a Tweet, so here’s a short blog post.