MageTestFest – A Unique Conference and One Time Opportunity

If you are interested in Software Testing and/or Magento development, the most interesting event of the year is approaching: MageTestFest in Amerfoort (NL)!

  • Nov 15: Workshop PHPUnit (Sebastian Bergmann)
  • Nov 16: Workshop DDD (Mathias Verraes)
  • Nov 17: Conference Day (Agenda)
  • Nov 18: Magento Contribution Day (Hackathon)

There will be two workshops (PHPUnit and DDD) and one conference day, where I am honored to be part of the speaker lineup next to big names like Sebastian Bergmann.

For MageTestFest, I am preparing a brand new talk, “Dealing with Test Fatigue”. There I am going to share frustrations that I experienced with testing and how to overcome them. You will learn how to make testing fun again, especially in the context of Magento. It would be great to see a big audience and have lots of interesting conversations about testing!

What I’m excited about

I’m looking forward to meet Mathias Verraes, who often inspired me with his blog at, and learn from him. Also, watching Vinai Kopp live coding is always an insightful experience. James Cowie will present about BDD, a technique I always admired but never got around using in a real project. And Magento’s own Tom Erskine will present their upcoming new functional test framework. This framework is the result of an idea, I discussed earlier with My Opinion on XML Based Testing in Magento.

Magento itself is sponsoring and will send several more core team members to the conference and the contribution day. So you will also get the chance to ask them anything you ever wanted to about testing Magento.

MageTestFest is a one time, single topic, conference, and not planned to be repeated, so this is your only chance to take part. (No pressure ;-))

Register now, before it is too late: