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EcomDev_PHPUnit Tip #9

For years, the test framework EcomDev_PHPUnit is quasi-standard for Magento unit tests. The current version is 0.3.7 and last state of official documentation is version 0.2.0 – since then, much has changed which you have to search yourself in code and GitHub issues. This series shall collect practical usage tips.

Tip #9: Checkout Test

3 Years ago I already wrote an article about how to write a checkout integration test. But the practices used there are not longer up to date and some workarounds have become unnecessary. This post shows what’s necessary to write a test that simulates the Magento checkout, using techniques learned in Tip #1.

  1. Since there are some singletons involved, make sure to reset their state:
     * @test
     * @singleton checkout/session
     * @singleton customer/session
     * @singleton checkout/cart
  2. You should visit the cart page once to trigger totals collection. Assuming, the customer id is 1 and she has an active quote (from previously added products in the test or from a quote fixture), you start with:
  3. Before each new request, you have to reset the checkout session singleton manually within the test, otherwise the quote is not reloaded and you might even lose it completely:
  4. Sometimes you want to logout a customer with active shopping cart. This needs three steps:

Magento Testing: Fill Forms with one click

Who doesn’t know this situation: When testing features like the guest checkout manually, you have to fill all form fields tedously again and again. With Chrome auto complete or “test”, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V it’s halfway fast but still a bit annoying. And what if the test data is supposed to make sense and should not be the same every time?

Inspired by this article on I developed a little Magento module, that enables filling Magento forms with dummy data with one mouse click. Currently it is implemented for billing address and shipping address.

Github-Repository: SSE_FormFiller

And this is how it looks:

Screenshot: Forms in Checkout


Of course you want to see this button only on your development system, that’s why there are two ways to hide it: Either disable the module completely per configuration or show the button only in developer mode:

SSE_FormFiller Configuration

The nice thing about the second variation is that the JavaScript still gets loaded, so that you can substitute the button with a bookmarklet. Here the snippets:

Billing address form



Bookmarklet (right click, add as bookmark!)

Shipping address form



Bookmarklet (right click, add as bookmark!)


A bit of information on the implementation:

  • The dummy data comes from Faker.js.
  • The button gets added to choosen blocks with an observer for core_block_abstract_to_html_after
  • In the JavaScript the form ID determines which fields should be filled.

The module is designed to be extended for other forms as well. Suggestions and of course pull requests on Github are most welcome! Continue reading “Magento Testing: Fill Forms with one click”