4 Tools To Make Magento Development Easier

I compiled a list of the most important Magento specific development tools in my toolbox. Additions are most welcome!

Greetings to the Magento Stammtisch Aachen guys, this is for you 😉

Magneto (sic!) Debug


A free extension that integrates a developer toolbar in the Magento Layout where you find various information about the current page:

  • Request route
  • Loaded modules
  • Configuration summary
  • SQL profiler
  • Used layout handles
  • Rendered blocks/templates
  • Instantiated block classes (rendered or not)
  • One-click cache clearing



Another integrated developer toolbar for $49.95 that offers mostly the same features but with two important additions:

  • Complete merged layout XML with all handles
  • Ability to log the information for all requests

EcomDev PHPUnit


PHPUnit extension for unit tests and integration tests. Includes database fixtures, configuration tests and more. See PDF documentation for details.



Command line tool for shop management and extension development. Some features:

  • Automatically create extensions and class files
  • Manage configuration
  • Manage cache, compiler and indexer

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