Usability for Programmers – UX Is Not Just Frontend!

This Tweet in 2015 blew my mind. I learned a bit about designing interactive systems and psychology in design, so I could relate immediately. It inspired me to a talk “Usability for Programmers” at WebCon Aachen, that unfortunately never went public because the event was cancelled, and I am yet waiting for a new chance to deliver it.

But I find the content too interesting to leave it hidden any longer, so here’s a blog post!

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5 Minute Tips: Form Usability

Learning coffee break! Today some tipps on “form usability”, a topic that even backend developers should not leave alone.

Free Icons and Online Icon Generator Tools

Need some icons for your (web) app but have nobody with Mad Photoshop Skills™ at hand? These three sites will help you:

My first icon resource on the web is It is a very large database of icons and icon sets in various formats and sizes. They are licensed differently, so not all sets are free but even for free commercial use there are plenty. And you can filter by license. Icon Download Database Icon Customizer

Icons DB has thousands of completely free, monochromatic customizable icons. If you need some quick simple flat icons you probably find them here. The clou: you can chose to download all of them in any color and any size as ICO, PNG, GIF, JPG or ICNS Online Icon Generator Icon Generator

Iconizer is a big icon database very similar to iconfinder but adds icon customization on top. So even complex multicolor icons can be changed almost arbitrarily in color and size. Icon Generator

Another tip:

Choose your icons carefully to be easily recognized by most if not all of your target audience. Even widespread icons like chains for “link” only seem to be natural for geeks like us but are not for your average Joe.

I recommend this article as food for thought: