5 Minute Tips: Conference Talks

The learning coffee break is back! Today with a few tips I collected from others about preparing and giving conference talks:

On Scope

To me, a good talk is one where I learn something new or come away with some change in perspective. The more I learn / the more the speaker makes me think differently about something, the better. So, to give a good talk, you need to say a new-to-your-audience thing in an understandable way.

I donโ€™t mind too much how many times you say โ€œumโ€ or how nice your slides are.

Julia Evans – Ideas for making better conference talks & conferences

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5 Minute Tips: Form Usability

Learning coffee break! Today some tipps on “form usability”, a topic that even backend developers should not leave alone.

5 Minute Tips: Magento Performance Tweaks

My “Week On StackExchange” Series takes a break at the moment because I don’t have not too much blog-worthy.

Instead, I’m starting something new again: Tips on a specific topic which you can read in 5 minutes maximum during coffee break. Mostly not by me, just found by me ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t try to make it a regular thing but I have a loose collection of useful stuff so why not use the blog to bring order into it and hopefully it’s also useful for others.

Let’s start with Magento Performance Tweaks, all with little effort and can be used without hesitation:

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