Magento Extension: Estimated Delivery

SGH Estimated Delivery
Today I present you a little commercial Magento 1.x extension I have been working on with my team at SGH:

SGH_EstimatedDelivery ($79.00)

It calculates estimated delivery date and shows the customer how much time is left to get the order on this date. This information can be shown on the shopping cart and on product pages:

Estimated Delivery in Magento Cart

Estimated Delivery on Magento Product Detail Page


The calculation is based on the estimated number of working days the delivery takes.

It starts counting at the day where you will ship the order if it is ordered now. To determine this date, you configure on which weekdays you are shipping and the last time of the day where incoming orders will be shipped the same day.

Estimated Delivery Configuration

You can configure which weekdays count as working days and which dates are holidays.

Estimated Delivery Configuration


Take this configuration:

  • Delivery Time (Working Days): 3
  • Days Available For Shipping: Monday-Saturday
  • Last Shipping Hour: 18:30:00
  • Working Days: Monday-Friday

On a Saturday at 14:00 the estimated delivery is:

Wednesday, if you order within 4 hours and 30 minutes


Magento CE >=1.6 or Magento >=EE 1.11

Technical Details

  • The block is added to the product page and the shopping cart page as you can see in the screenshots, but you can place it anywhere, using layout XML.
  • No classes have been rewritten.
  • All texts are translatable.
  • No source code encryption or obfuscation
  • No advertising or other calling home “features”

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Need customization?

If you don’t want to wait for a new feature or have special requirements, don’t hesitate to contact me, I am available for hire.